River: She made it.

[The Doctor continues to stare at the angel. River took his arm and guided him to the TARDIS]

River: Come on. She’s gone now, Doctor. Amy’s gone now.

[The Doctor broke free of his wife and strode up to the angel.]

Doctor: What about me? Gonna take me now?

River: It’s weak. I think it’s done now…

Doctor: Tell your friends! Tell all the Angels, Next time I see you, I will grind you into sand. I will make a desert of you!

River: Doctor, stop it!

Doctor: No!

[The Doctor pushed past River and strode off back to the TARDIS.]

-Deleted scene from “The Angels Take Manhattan”
for Margot

You gave me hope and then you took it away. That’s enough to make anyone dangerous.



The Doctor as he appears in Marvel comics.